Mountain Biking Through the Seasons

From winter wonderland to fern gully, if you haven’t rode in the Pacific North West you’re surely missing out.

As a San Diego native, the landscape of my local trails doesn’t tend to change much (or at all) through the seasons. Traveling to Washington State a few times over the last couple years has allowed me to experience some of the most perfect riding conditions. My favorite spot so far, and the one pictured throughout this post, is Galbraith Mountain, near Bellingham.

My first experience here was in the summer, and with the already cooler temperatures and dense forest canopy keeping me shaded I definitely wasn’t missing the scorching heat of Southern California. The number of trails available were seemingly endless, and the ridiculously green landscape provided a beautiful scenery. The local trail builders of the Pacific North West put an amazing amount of work into these trails and ultimately this area is one heck of an experience.

Now in the summer this place is awesome, but the winter provides a nice touch to the riding, one I hadn’t experienced on a mountain bike before. Hopefully you guessed it…..



When I set out to ride this day I knew it was going to be chilly, but the bottom of this mountain (where I parked and started climbing) gave no signs of snow at the top. As the climb progressed little patches of snow began to appear, and by the time I hit the top I was peddling in almost a foot of snow.


The ride down is where the real fun began! I was being a little caution since I had never biked in snow before I didn’t know what to expect grip wise. To my surprise, the snow didn’t seem to impact the overall grip of the bike unless I got into deeper snow. You do still have to watch out for the exposed roots, which are likely wet due to the snow, as they will put you down with ease (as they did to me multiple times…)

As I rode down it was as if I traveled through the seasons. The snowy trails turned back to dirt, and the winter wonderland slowly transformed back into the lush green forests where I started. Overall, this was one epic ride.

Here’s a short clip of the ride:

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