Mountain Biking: Riding on the Edge

Ever since I started mountain biking about 3-4 years ago I’ve been constantly pushing myself closer and closer to the edge of my capabilities. Occasionally I push a little too hard, and I have scars to remind me, but whether it be stitches or a couple broken bones the rush one gets from riding on that edge is an addiction not easily broken.

There’s always new ways to push your limits, and for me it started with jumps. I’ve never been the best jumper, but there’s an incredible feeling of self-accomplishment when hitting a new jump for the first time and when in that spit second before, when you have the opportunity to back out, but you overcome any fear/doubt and commit.

I’ve taken a break from the jumps recently due to a few too many falls beating me up, or more importantly my bike! I’ve been pushing my limits in a different way now. SPEED! Going so fast that you know the slightest mistake will throw you down. Now that’s a rush! Sometimes motivating myself to reach my maximum speeds can be a little tough, but I’ve competed in a few Socal Enduro Series races and having other riders push you will really have you flirting with your edge!


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3 thoughts on “Mountain Biking: Riding on the Edge

  1. I’ve been reading your blog, its very good. For me, the threshold is always descending. Those slow, technical gnarly descents that result in endos. My scars almost all result from trips over the bars.


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