When do you ride?

Imagine you have the whole day off and can go riding whenever you want. When are you going to go?



Rancho La Costa Mountain Biking

I don’t always get myself out of bed in time for an early morning ride, but when I do it’s worth it! Living in Southern California this is your best chance to beat the summer heat. Not only that, but if you’re like me and prefer to bomb down trails as fast as you can your best chances of not running into someone climbing the trail (and ruining your Strava!!!) is the early morning when no one is around. There’s also always some kind of personal satisfaction when I manage to get out of bed early and go ride, but………I sure do love sleep.


Or the “I was too lazy to get out of bed” time to ride (at least that’s what it is for me).


Sycamore Canyon Mountain Biking

Riding in the day, especially in the summer, is not my go to time to ride. I’ve never been a fan of cardio, but mountain biking is fun enough to make me suck it up, but cardio in the heat….. no thanks…. unless of course I’m itching to ride an d have no other options.

Even besides the heat and likely considerable amount of hikers and other riders, riding in the middle of a hot day in Southern California often brings…….




Now this is my go to riding time! I get to sleep in and wait out the heat (for the most part). Watching the sun set over the pacific isn’t too bad either. Unfortunately this time can get a little crowded by hikers (got to get those cool Snapchats!) and mosquitoes..

Non the less this is always a killer way to end the day!




I don’t have a head light…

I’ve never gone riding at night, but I imagine it’s awesome!

How does it compare to riding during the day?



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5 thoughts on “When do you ride?

  1. Very cool! Where are your favorite places to go mountain biking? I have a road bike but am very interested in mountain biking! What other equipment besides the bike do you suggest getting before mountain biking?


  2. I would love to be a morning rider but I also love the bed. I’m usually an evening rider, 4-6 is my sweet spot. Sometimes I push it even later and there is a decadent pleasure that comes from finishing late into the evening on occasion.


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